#024 - Eat Me, Drink Me Review

Comic Commentary
November 29th, circlenine

This one was inspired by another line typed by dear Pat over the Instant Messaging Tubes about revoking Brian Warner's Marilyn Manson Privileges after the release of the abysmal Eat Me, Drink Me.

You'll notice Polly isn't a stick for this comic. Her body is adapted from art for that old, unfinished, and lost forever project I was yapping about a few comics back or so (and the art for that project's base was obviously nicked from Rhete's i vs PI series). Originally with just a cop hat, the illusion of her being a cop still didn't fit, so I had to improvise.

A Gumshoe Polly was also drawn during the making of this comic, but has never been used. It made its debut two years later in this joke product for 2009's April Fool's joke.

God, it really seems like I'm being serious about this crap, doesn't it?

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