#022 - Intergalactic Breakfastary

Comic Commentary
November 29th, circlenine

Title is an obvious reference to the Beastie Boys song "Intergalactic"

Another full-color comic. Yeah, these things do look way better when colored in. I should probably get a bit unlazy in the future and just continue coloring them in from now on.

Another odd narraration comic that doesn't make much sense. Spacemuffin Cow no doubt comes from Kjil's own personal trademark, "MOOBASE." I'm really not too sure, but it makes sense. I love that Pat's racecar can fly for no explainable reason. God, I love that this comic doesn't have to make any sense whatsoever and is subject to whatever dumb whim I have.

And so, Pat and Polly die again. I wonder if I should see a therapist about this...

I remember Kjil hounding me relentlessly and not letting me publish this comic until I drew the beret on Spacemuffin Cow perfectly. It went through probably six different revisions.

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