#032 - The Only Solution

Comic Commentary
November 29th, circlenine

This one might as well be true.

When Contra 4 was officially announced, I quite literally wouldn't shut the effin' crap up about it. This comic was made sometime in June or July of '07 and the game actually didn't make it out until around November 20th or so.

I really, really wish I'd have put a spaced out Pat and another excited Polly in the words blur panel. Ah well, live and learn and hindsight is always blah, blah and all that.

Forgot to move the padlock down in PhotoShop Edit Mode before publishing, but eh.

I was originally going to do a second part to this one once the game was released, but by this time I had finally gotten tired of doing comics and none would be made until a year or so later.

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