#007 - His Beard Was Gray

Comic Commentary
November 29th, circlenine

This is another one that's pulled a lot of positive feedback over the years. I personally enjoy it myself as well.

I have no idea who the old guy is even supposed to be, but his random outbursts are fun.

This one also contains two of my favorite gags: Pat in a Jon Deere hat and Polly's boxing gloves + fishing rod mishap. While I was making the comic I had no idea why I had Polly get boxing gloves at the Great Big Gray Mall (a small and nigh-unnoticeable play on "Great Big White World" by Marilyn Manson) but when putting the final panel together it all made sense and is one of my favorite visual gags in the whole comic.

I also spent an unhealthy amount of time agonizing over "grey" and "gray," changing it more than twice in the PhotoShopping portion of the editing process.

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